Top 10+ unusual hotels in the world

Here are some of the most unusual hotels in the world.

1. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

Hotel Kakslauttanen is the home of the famous Igloo Village with the unique Glass and Snow Igloos and the World’s largest snow restaurant.

In addition guests can enjoy all the other Lappish winter activities including the Northern Lights (Aurora borealis) visible generally from late August to late April. Surrounded by Lapland’s exotic and stunning scenery, not only can guests sample the peace of sleeping in snow (the snow muffles sound, and provides a great night’s sleep), the glass igloos are fantastic for lying on your bed at night, watching the Northern Lights in the warm.

2. Floating Hotel (Pemba Island, Manta Resort) In Zanzibar

Mikael Genberg, creator of the famous floating Utter Inn (Otter Inn) in Sweden, has created another amazing floating hotel room. The Pemba Island floating hotel room, part of the Manta Resort in Zanzibar, is a floating hotel room with an underwater bedroom and a unique view. For $1,500 (couples) or $900 (single) a night, visitors can sleep in a fully submerged bedroom with windows that open out onto the tropical waters outside. And at night, when the fish and other tropical creatures are no longer visible, lights outside the window attract squids and octopuses.

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