Top 10+ unusual hotels in the world

30. Mirrorcube Tree House Hotel In Sweden

This special property offers a unique stay among the trees of Harads’s forests. It blends cutting-edge architecture and design with home comforts like tea/coffee makers and free Wi-Fi.

Treehotel’s eco-friendly rooms feature large beds as well as stylish, up-to-date décor and furniture. Naturally, all rooms offer views of the forest and surrounding countryside. Each has a toilet and washbasin, while showers are found in a neighbouring building.

The exterior is camouflaged by mirror walls that reflect their surroundings while the interior is plywood. The windows offer 360 degree views, but to prevent birds from flying into them, an infrared film, visible only to birds, is laminated into the glass panels.

The Mirrorcube can accommodate two people and includes a large bed, a small kitchenette and bath, a living room and roof terrace. It’s not cheap – $592 dollars a night, per person. If Sweden’s not your thing, you can have your own Mirrorcube delivered and constructed at your desired destination.

31. Capsule Hotel Den Haag, Netherlands

First created as an art project, the Capsules have toured their one-of-a-kind experience all over Europe, with owner, Denis Oudendijk bringing permanent locations to Amsterdam, Belgium and France.

Anchored in The Hague, Netherlands, you will find several pods painted in orange that in 1972 were used as survival pods on an oil rig platform, which doesn’t exist anymore. The diameter of each of these strange hotel rooms is 4.25 meters and in each of them the guests will find a cozy bed, mini-library, mini bar, modern DVD player and even a small chemical toilet. Quite comfortable, don’t you think?


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